Better Water, But why?

Sanitary water is a NECESSITY

 Good, clean water promotes healthier living. Clean water is a preventative medicine to many of our daily medical problems like headaches, back pain, ulcers, arthritis, asthma and fatigue. The better the water, the healthier the body!

City water contains many toxins that are not only harmful, but can contain cancer causing agents. Bottled water companies are not held to the same standards as cities, so they contain even more.

Children NEED pure water

Water is the only way to flush out harmful toxins. The purer the water, the better it can collect these toxins and expel them from the body. Children have limited detoxification and immune systems that do not develop fully until the teenage years. By allowing kids to drink water with chlorine, chemicals, and lead, you increase their chance of disease and learning disorders. These chemicals are found in virtually every city water system throughout the country.

Asthma, cancer, Leukemia and immune disorders in children have risen in the last decade in what most experts say is an increased exposure to environmental toxins. Most of those toxins are presented to them through their in home water sources. Poor water quality decreases the ability in children to expel them from their body. A quality water source will give your children all the advantage they need for a healthier body.

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Everyone Needs Perfectly Clean Water